Fragrances - All You Need to Know

There are many different reasons for purchasing a fragrance. You might be looking for something that ignites a feeling or conjures up memories while you might be looking for cer

tain fragrances for best friend birthday gifts.The reality is that fragrances come in many different forms but how do you pick a fragrance and what should you look for? It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for the best smelling candles such as the Aum Candle or fragranced bath salts such as the Wafira bath salts, what really matters is whether the fragrance is right. So, we are going to look at the different notes and families as well as the terminology, enabling you to become an expert when it comes to fragrances.

The Notes

A fragrance is made up of a number of notes that are layered and this enables us to look at the way in which the fragrance is made which includes its ingredients and how they work together. When you consider the notes in the Aum bath Salts, this is made up of Bergamot, Vertiver and Galbanum.

These notes can differ and fragrances will lean towards different notes but what do they all mean?

The Top Note

That first smell that you get from a fragrance is known as the top note. It is the aroma that you detect first but it is made up of volatile molecules that are small and after a matter of minutes, this will disappear.

The Heart Note

This is the note that sits at the centre of the fragrance. This is a complex note that is more intricate than the top note while it will last for longer too. However, it will eventually disappear and leave the base note behind.

The Base Note

Once the heart note has slowly disappeared, the base note will develop, you will often notice this with the Aum Candle. This can often be detected after around 30 minutes or once your candle flame has become established. It is known to be the boldest and heaviest part of the fragrance but it is the note that will last the longest and this is the one that we often remember when we smell a fragrance.

Fragrance Terminology

Whether it’s self care gifts or you want to make sure you buy the best candles UK, you need to know what the terminology means when it comes to fragrances. When you have an understanding of the language, you will know what to look out for and what to consider.

The strength of a fragrance is all about the amount of perfume oil and alcohol that is used. This is dependent on the ratio of the two but the higher they are, the longer the fragrance will last.

Potency - This refers to the amount of fragrance that is left once the candle has stopped burning or the bath has been emptied and the bath salts have gone. It is also known as the projection of the fragrances and the stronger it is, the longer it will last and the further away it can be detected, such as in other rooms. Of course, the potency should not be too strong, which is why the potency of the Eshgham Bath Salts is perfect as everything is subtle and perfect for relaxing.

 Longevity and tenacity are two words that are commonly used to determine the length of time that a fragrance lasts for. The longevity is based on things such as heat, which is perfect when using scented candles. It is also reliant on the volatility of molecules as others will disappear faster than others while the quantity is also pivotal as not enough will mean that the fragrance is weak and too much will make it overbearing.

 The Different Groups of Fragrances

You might have already heard of some of these groups and wondered what they mean. Many of us will have a preference when it comes to fragrance families although you might not understand which one you opt for. So, what are the different groups that make up a fragrance?

Fresh Fragrances - These are also known as crisp or green and they are often made of citrus fruits or herbs which means that they are vibrant and zesty, something that you will experience from the lemon grass in the award winning Wafira Candle.. They often lift our mood and leave us feeling upbeat and happy.

Woody - Woody might not be something that you want from a fragrance but there is every chance that you like a fragrance that has a woody fragrance. This can include the likes of musky leather to different spices and even tobacco. Aim is becoming a firm favourite due to  its green, resinous spicy scent.

Opulent - These are luxurious and elegant fragrances that are considered sensual but they do bear some similarities to the woody aromas. The aim is to add sophistication to fragrances through floral elements. We suggest sampling our Wafira Bath Salts to experience the opulent blend of immortelle and ylang ylang.

Floral - While you might think that floral aromas are light, that is not the case. These aromas can range from fresh to deep which means that you can expect to see Jasmine or even Rose Petal. These aromas are enhanced when they are used alongside fresh elements and warm spices.

Try our Eshgham Candle to experience the delicate complexity of the sweet yet warm scent.

Where Can You Expect to Find These Fragrances?

The great thing is that fragrances can be found in a variety of products and that includes the likes of self-care candles and even bath salts such as the Wafira  Bath Salts. Using the heat of a candle flame or the heat of hot bath water, it makes it easier for the fragrances to diffuse and intensify.

 Once you have lit your Wafira Candle or added your Aum bath salts to the bath, you will notice the fragrance almost instantly but ensure that you give it time to settle. As we have discussed, the first thing you will smell is the top note which means that you should give it a chance to pass before you experience the heart note and the base note.

Luxury candles and bath salts make for the best gifts for partners and even birthday gift ideas for best friend or a treat for yourself.



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