Novenary is centered around self care and nurturing - we believe this is represented through what we call 'People, Planet, and Product.'


The people behind Novenary represent our passion and commitment to creating innovative products that are good for the planet and its inhabitants.  We also take the utmost care when selecting our suppliers. We always make responsible and informed decisions that aren’t to the detriment of others or the environment. Together, we create fair and honest products that make a positive impact on our customers.


When we started designing our products, we set out with a clear mission. We wanted to create luxurious, high-quality products focused on sustainability and minimising waste.

Novenary does not test on animals and does not use any materials that are derived from animals. Animal testing will never be acceptable at Novenary. Our products are all tested for safety and fully compliant with the IFRA and other regulatory associations.


We are extremely proud of the craftsmanship of all our products. Whilst creating our unique scents, we focus on selecting only the finest and most sustainable top-quality ingredients. Novenary products use no synthetic scents. In fact, we are committed to creating a kinder and safer planet by reducing exposure to man-made chemicals in personal and home care products, particularly those with sensitivities.

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