Novenary is an evolving company, bound by a commitment to craft a holistic range of natural products that celebrate the self. As such, we’re immensely proud that our use of the finest natural ingredients - ethically sourced through sustainable production methods - has already resulted in industry awards and glowing press recognition.

Novenary Awards

2023 WELLBEING AWARDS: THE WINNERS – The Beauty Shortlist

Best Candle Inspired by Nature - Novenary Aum Candle 

2022 WELLBEING AWARDS: THE WINNERS – The Beauty Shortlist 

Best Candle -New Launch Novenary Wafira Candle with Citrine Tumblestone

Mama & Baby : Editor's Choice Winners

Novenary Wafira Bath Salts

Beauty Shortlist - Mama & Baby Awards 2022 Winner

Best Luxury Candle - Novenary Eshgham Candle Gift Set


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