Redefining wellness with premium, natural-based products. Novenary is a female-led premium wellness and lifestyle brand.


After over a decade of working in financial recruitment and living in Central London, I was thrown a curveball in 2019. Faced with a serious health situation that rendered me unable to work, I confronted profound isolation and a realisation of the immeasurable value of time, connection, and healing.

From this personal journey, Novenary emerged. It's more than just a brand; it's a reflection of those moments when we all need a little self-love, kindness and connection with others. 

Novenary emphasises the simple acts of self-care and the importance of reaching out, even on our busiest days.

At Novenary, our mission is to remind each other of the little joys in life, the power of thoughtful gifting, and the strength of community. Each product is a reminder to pause, breathe, and cherish ourselves.

Let's celebrate the journey of healing, the art of giving, and the magic of genuine connections.


At the heart of Novenary, I bring a blend of experiences from my days as a professional tennis player to my master’s degree in International Marketing. I thrive on challenges and the pursuit of excellence, whilst maintaining balance.

Gemma and I initially connected when I was seeking a new opportunity within the financial markets, in which she recruits for. Little did I know that this serendipitous encounter would lead to Gemma and I realising that together we could use our different experiences and backgrounds to drive Novenary forward. Together, we are more than just a partnership and female entrepreneurs; we are building our vision that celebrates self-care, female health and connects people together via mindful gifting. We are developing a platform for our community to share their stories, have their voices and offer hope to others. I sincerely believe in the importance of our brand’s narrative that speaks not only to the mind, but also the heart of the community.

I'm driven by the knowledge that our work at Novenary extends beyond mere commerce—it’s about building a legacy of positive impact, one luxurious experience at a time.

I welcome you to join us at Novenary, where each product represents more than just indulgence—it's a part of our shared story, a chapter in the book of mindful living and meaningful connections. 

Polina Headsot