Essential Oils and Sustainability

As with everything in the world, it is really important that we change the way that we do things. This is because we are slowly and surely causing long-term and long-lasting damage to our planet that might not be reversible. Therefore, at Novenary, we place an emphasis on ensuring that we do everything possible to use essential oils that are sustainably sourced. This will ensure that sustainable essential oils will help to improve biodiversity and plant health on a planet that is already damaged.

Essential Oils Without Overharvesting

To obtain essential oils, large quantities of the plant are required and this can cause problems if these resources are not cared for correctly. Many essential oils are overharvested and this can mean that many of the plants then face endangerment.

However, we make sure that we use sustainable harvesting with suppliers who care for their plants and the planet. By taking care of the plants that we use and the suppliers we choose, we make sure that new plants are planted and crops are not harvested to the point where they no longer exist.

We Focus on Workers’ Rights

Essential oils and sustainability also involve those that work in the industry. As with all farmed products, we make sure that the rights of workers are protected and this is vital for creating a world that is more socially just and sustainable. As a result, we look for Fairtrade certifications and other certifications that show our customers that we are doing our bit to ensure fair working conditions. When the farmers are taken care of in less developed countries, it ensures good working standards are maintained and that plants are taken care of.

We Look for Substitutes

The world of essential oils is wide and varied but we do everything possible to use substitutes as well as new oils where possible. Essential oils such as Lavender are heavily used and this means that we look to provide products that offer something different yet deliver the same results. By doing this, we are playing our role in protecting harvests and that helps to enhance sustainability too.

It’s About Using the Right Plants

The IUCN determines which plants are considered to be of a concern when it comes to sustainability. This means that they are considered to be vulnerable or threatened and even endangered. So, we make sure that we use plants that are considered to be of least concern which means that they are responsible to use from a sustainability perspective.

We Only Use What We Need

We also make sure that our essential oils are used in the required volumes. We don’t overuse them and we minimise waste where possible. This means that we are not over-ordering or wasting valuable essential oils.

Furthermore, we also place a focus on using products that are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced such as recycled materials. So, from the essential oils and how we source them to the products we sell them in, we are doing everything possible to be as sustainable as possible.

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