Aum Bath Salts®


[aa˙uu˙eemm] - Sanskrit

Drawing on the Sanskrit symbol 'Aum', Novenary's blend of energising Bergamot, sedative Vetiver, and tranquilising Galbanum creates the perfect aromatherapy bath salts for relaxation and relief.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, these natural salt and essential oil combinations help you reconnect with yourself and the present moment.

Rejuvenation and revitalisation await when you take the time to create a warm, fragrant bath.




Customer Reviews

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Sunday SPA morning with novenary_uk

Aum aromatherapy bath salts help ground you in the present. Nothing is more nurturing and comforting than a warm, aromatic bath. Adding targeted essential oils and soothing Epsom and sea salts can make your soak even more beneficial. 👌

Thank you novenary_uk

If you haven’t checked the range, I truly recommend to do so as these works as a fabulous gifts a...

Today I have been indulging my senses with another great product* from award winning british brand @novenary_uk - the AUM bath salt with uplifting Bergamot, relaxing Vetiver and calming Galbanum. The salt itself is mix of Epsom and Sea salts so you get all the goodies these offer also. It is a pure bliss! 🥰

most gorgeous goodies

And let me tell you, every single thing is absolutely LUSH. I’m also super impressed with the packaging. You can just tell there is so much love and care that goes into these products. I feel absolutely spoiled receiving all of this❤️

Bought my wife a candle & bath salt…

Bought my wife a candle & bath salt set. She loves them

Quality product

The quality of this brand is exceptional! I am really impressed. The smell of the ‘Aum’ is particularly calming…I’d recommend it!

Date of experience: 24 March 2022

Essential Oils & Benefits


Encourages elevation of mood and alleviation of stress.


Promotes restful sleep and addresses restlessness.


Promotes recovery from shock, trauma and depression.

Made with 100% natural ingredients
500ml Aromatherapy bath salts

How To Use

Add two generous handfuls of salt to warm running water. Soak for a minimum of 15 -20 minutes for maximum benefit.

Salt Benefits

Novenary infuses Epsom salts and sea salts with essential oils to create a unique blend of aromatherapeutic compounds, all designed to put your body and mind at ease. Sea salts are rich in potassium, calcium, and sodium minerals. These minerals help revitalise nails and improve skin health, as well as reduce muscle and joint inflammation. Epsom salts help to draw out harmful toxins from the body, encouraging magnesium absorption and helping relieve pain and insomnia.

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