Aum Candle


[aa˙uu˙eemm] - Sanskrit


Calming, Grounding, Protective

Essential Oils

Bergamot, Vertiver, Galbanum

Enriched with meditative Indian Vetiver, calming Bergamot, and aromatic Galbanum, our Aum fragrance blend is resinous, full of complex green notes and earthy spices.

Aum helps you embrace the present moment and be still in your body. Each Aum candle is paired with an amethyst tumble stone, known for its calming and soothing effect.

Novenary’s aromatherapy candles come complete with giftable packaging, an amethyst tumble stone, and a detailed care card to prolong the life of your candle.

The Aum candle burn time is approximately 40 hours.

Essential Oils & Benefits


Encourages elevation of mood and alleviation of stress.


Promotes restful sleep and addresses restlessness.


Promotes recovery from shock, trauma and depression.

Made with 100% natural ingredients
Natural wax and a cotton wick
220g aromatherapy candle

How To Use

The Aum candle range should be used in line with all aromatherapy techniques. The candle should be lit and placed somewhere safe and in view, before then using the crystal as a means of increased sensory involvement, as you hold and admire the beauty of it and allow yourself to relax and absorb the meditative effects of the set.


Amethyst is the crystal associated with the Aum collection. Amethyst has been traditionally used for centuries as an aid of sleep, relaxation and healing through its highly regarded properties. As a form of quartz, it can be found all across the globe.

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