The Five Languages of Love and Why They Are Important

Love language is an idea that looks at the way in which people receive and express love while in a relationship. When you understand the languages of love, you can ensure that both of you feel love and appreciated.


Everyone wants to show their partner that they care for them but many find it challenging. This is where the five languages of love can help couples avoid misunderstanding and identify their needs. So, what are the five languages of love and why are they important?


Words of Affirmation


This relates to expressing affection through words, appreciation or praise. When someone takes this as their main language, they indulge in kind words and enjoy encouragement. They live by quotes that lift spirits and enjoy leaving love notes or sending loving messages. It’s possible to transform their day by simply paying them a compliment or simply praising them for something that they have done.


Quality Time


For those who consider quality time as their love language it means that love and affection are shown through the attention they receive. This means putting aside any distractions such as that TV show or your phone and making eye contact with them while listening intently. You should make sure that they recognise that you are giving them your undivided attention by making eye contact, responding to what they are saying and holding back from offering advice.


Physical Touch


This love language relates to those who feel loved when they experience physical affection. This is not just about sex but is also about subtle touches which can include holding hand, the touch of an arm or a massage after the end of a long day. They might prefer cuddling on the sofa than heading out on a date because they want to be close to the one that they love.


Acts of Service


This is when someone feels appreciated and loved when someone does something meaningful and nice for them. This could be something as simple as taking care of chores for them, running them a bath or even taking care of the shopping. The gestures don’t need to be large and lavish but small enough to be recognised. What’s more, they also like to reciprocate the acts of service for other people.


Receiving Gifts


The giving of gifts is a true symbol of love and while they fully appreciate the gift that they receive, they also appreciate the thought and time that has gone into finding the gift. The gift will become something that they treasure although the size of the gift does not matter as it is the effort and what goes into selecting a gift that they appreciate. So, by spending time picking the right gift, it will tell them that you know all there is to know about them.



Why Does the Language of Love Matter?


Understanding the love language of your partner is a great way of improving your relationship. You will have a greater understanding of their needs and you can love them in a way that resonates with them. Additionally, it can also help to reduce the number of disagreements and misunderstandings too, all of which will help to strengthen your bond.