Self Care and Creativity - How the Two Come Together

When you hear the words “self-care”, you might think about candlelit baths and aromatherapy, which is completely right but have you ever thought about self-care in a broader sense?


Self-care is about taking time to look after yourself because let’s be honest, we spend a lot of time doing things for others, regardless of whether that is at work or home. This means that it is time to think about investing in yourself and doing things that make you feel happy and satisfied with life.


So, you might think about doing things right such as eating, relaxing and even exercising but have you ever stopped to think about what really makes you tick? Have you ever thought about things that make you feel happy and wholesome? It doesn’t have to be complicated because even the simple things in life can be enough to boost self-care such as taking a long walk or soaking up the sea air but what about creativity?


We’re All Creative in a Way


Humans are creative beings. We love to make things and take great satisfaction from completing tasks and projects, regardless of how big or small they might be. This is because expressing creativity can leave you feeling positive, complete and fulfilled and this can come in many different forms ranging from cooking to singing and even painting. The list is almost endless and you don’t even have to be good at these things to benefit from them.


Creativity takes many different forms and can range from telling stories to creating amazing art pieces or even building something. Creativity can become anything you want it to be and if it makes you feel good then that’s even more of a reason to include it as part of your self-care routine.


Many people avoid different types of creativity because they feel that they might not be very good or have never done it before. However, trying something new can bring with it many different surprises because you might also find a brand new skill and something that you even excel in. The reality is that life can become quite mundane, especially when we follow the same routines. This can cause anxiety, irritability and stress so removing yourself from this situation and thinking outside of the box can have a hugely positive impact on our wellbeing.


Doing something without any form of planning and just letting your creativity flow might seem daunting but consider it an adventure. Whether it’s putting pen to paper, paint to canvas or just creating a brand new dish in the kitchen, the sense of achievement and ability to focus on you will have a significant impact on your happiness and how you focus on yourself.


Don’t focus on the outcome or your ability but recognise how self-care and creativity both compliment each other. So, perhaps it’s time to try something different and spend a little doing something for you because self-care is really important, especially in the complex and complicated world that we live in.