How to Boost Your Immune System With a Self Care Routine and Aromatherapy

There is a clear link between self-care and your immune system. When you follow a self-care routine, you will find that you can keep your mind and your body healthy. At the moment, immunity is a big topic so it makes sense to understand how a self-care routine and aromatherapy can work together to improve your health.

The meaning of self-care is wide and varied because it is about doing things that make you feel better. This can range from exercising to making time for yourself, so how can you boost your immune system with a self-care routine and Aromatherapy?

Self Care

As mentioned, self-care can take many forms but one of the best ways of boosting your immune system is through exercise. Many think of self-care as winding down and relaxing but there is more to it than that. Exercise is good for us in many different ways but it helps to improve circulation which can help your immune system. You can do this by joining a gym or choosing to keep fit outdoors, either way, the more exercise you do, the healthier you become and that gives your immune system a boost.

Of course, it is not all about exercising. Spending time outside is a great form of self-care as it enables you to get more Vitamin D while embracing the fresh air and sunshine can help to enhance your immune system.

Self-care can involve others because communicating with others is vital. Social isolation and keeping yourself to yourself has been found to be as dangerous as smoking. So, by spending time with others, you will feel happier and it will help to release certain chemicals that can give your immune system a lift.

One of the best things you can do for self-care is to ensure you get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can leave you feeling run down and when we are run down, the body is not able to repair itself and that can leave your immune system exposed.

The Importance of Aromatherapy

While the ideas above will all help to boost your immune system, simply relaxing and indulging in aromatherapy using products such as the Esgham Candle. Aromatherapy is especially important because of the way in which essential oils can help to enhance the way we feel.

With the likes of Ylang Ylang, Benzoin and Vetiver, it can help to promote relaxation and aid stress and that enables us to rest and even sleep better, all of which helps to improve the immune system. These essential oils such as Rose Maroc are recommended to provide an alternative therapy as they will help to promote calmness, reduce stress and improve our ability to recognise the importance of self-care. This will translate into feeling better about ourselves and having a brighter,more positive outlook on life.

So, by bringing together an improved self-care routine and aromatherapy, it is possible to give our immune system a boost which can help to ward off illness.